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Balth - Unknown Girl

Balth - Like That

Balth - Dreamer Of The Mind

Balth - Una Estrella

Balth - Nada Mas

Balth - Lost In Life

Balth - Sin Miedos


Hi, I’m Federico Baltazar Oliva Crespo, but please call me Balth…

Growing up in Buenos Aires, I discovered the magic of music at the age of 8 - my mom gave me my first classic guitar and my great-aunt got a piano which she let me play. I started imitating my favorite cartoon soundtracks by ear. Then at 13 I started my very first band, it was a dream come true. At 16, I fell in love and composed my first song called ‘Decime’ (‘Tell me’) a typical blues - Listen!
After high school, I started studying at the National Conservatory of Music, but after 1 year I'd learned what I needed and moved on to pursue my personal approach to music. After a while I joined Equilibrio with whom I toured around Buenos Aires and we recorded a couple of songs.

In 2010 I was 24 and I decided to move to Europe, but before leaving Argentina, I made a demo of 8 of my most popular songs. You can listen to them here - Album Demo 2010.
I graduated from SAE Institute with a BSc in Audio Production in London. Then started working as a sound engineer and producer - FBOC Audio
Since moving to Europe, I took on the artistic name ‘Balth’ a short version of my middle name Baltazar, under which I played acoustic shows around Spain, UK and Argentina.

I am working on building up a band this year for recording new songs and touring around UK and Europe. My influences as a kid were Led Zeppelin and Queen, and later on Guns and Roses, Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Pink Floyd. My biggest role models are Chris Cornell, Layne Staley and Richie Kotzen.


  • Realease:December, 2017
  • Artist:Balth
  • Label:FBOC Audio
  • Fomat:Digital


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